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best short term holiday rentals
in the center of Paris, France.

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If you wish to pay by credit card, mention it when you book a cab.

In the street, cabs with green or white light are available.

RATES 2017 >

  1. 10am to 5pm, monday to saturday, central Paris.
    €1.06 per km.
  2. 5pm to 10am, monday to friday / 5pm to 12am, saturday / 7am to 12am, sunday, central Paris.
    7am to 7pm, monday to saturday, inner suburbs and airports.
    €1.29 per km.
  3. 12am to 7am, sunday, central Paris.
    7pm to 7am, monday to saturday, all day sunday, inner suburbs and airports.
    All times outer suburbs.
    €1.56 per km.